Mysterious Mirthful Misadventures

Jeff Provine

Author, Teacher, Speaker


   "Nothing to Dread" shows a little boy fighting back against Krampus.

    Altered America

    Altered America
    "Wild Blue" explores an America where airships traverse the skies over the Wild West.

    Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology

    Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology
    "Dusties" takes place in the Celestial Voyages universe, some thirty years after Star's expeditions as Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl find work in Space.

    To Hell with Dante

    To Hell with Dante
    "Gravedigger" shows an old man who pushes his shovel a little too deep into the earth, breaking through to the Otherside.


Some days you get an email saying, "Hey, let's do a Halloween anthology!" Those are good days.

    "The Hoarder" is one of those messes that, no matter how much you clean, always seems to come back

    Edge of Oblivion

  Edge of Oblivion  "Dinner" features two of the horsemen (and women) of the apocalypse sitting down for a chat. Famine has had a rough century in a world of improved farming methods.

    All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


     Whispers from the Abyss

    "The Floor" explores the downside of picking up a cheap home to flip: no one knows what happened in that house.Whispers from the Abyss

    It's a Carnival of Cryptids!

    My shcarnival of cryptidsort story "Where is Captain Rook?" on the Kindle All-Stars anthology for charity, Carnival of Cryptids!
    All proceeds go to the National Center for Missing & Ex
ploited Children.

    "Captain Rook?" is the telling of Rook's last great trek and disappearance into the Amazon in 1937 by his guide, Paulo Nativo. But is everything as it seems?

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