Mysterious Mirthful Misadventures

Jeff Provine

Author, Teacher, Speaker

"Kiss from a Queen"

        ...won the 2015 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award. You can read "Kiss from a Queen" on Baen's website.

"The Piggy Bank"

       a fairytale with a lesson about bragging included in The Winter 2014 Dragon Poet Review.

       A horrible, humorous little tale
       over at The Higgs Weldon:  "Chupacabra"

     My Author Page
        ...over at Paragraph Planet, where every story is only 75 words.

       A Jeff Tweet
        ...has been featured on One Forty Fiction. Check out "Snowfall."

       The Lost Scene of Hamlet
        ...was discovered in my senior literature class. Just as the Bard intended!

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