Mysterious Mirthful Misadventures

Jeff Provine

Author, Traveler, Speaker

    Some places I've been...

Alton Towers - The happiest place in Staffordshire!

Amsterdam - A gorgeous city with a hive of scum and villany.

Boston - Where I take pictures of the street!

Cornwall & Gloucestershire - Where one can get Scilly.

Florence - So many Davids!

Hawaii in 2007 - The worst sunburn ever!

Hawaii in 2008 - Where I wear a shark on my head!

Ireland - Ruins everywhere.

London - A big city that doesn't feel like a big city. Feels Sherlocky.

Oklahoma - Home.

Pisa - Leaning tower.

Rome - Watch out for traffic, because they do aim for you.

Scotland - No one ever gets tired of Nessie jokes.

Venice - Quick, before it's sunk!

Zurich - Foosball!


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