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With expanded mask mandates, we are unfortunately unable to have our regular spooky walks through Bricktown, OKC, and downtown Norman. Fingers are crossed that we'll be back soon!

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Haunted Shawnee Cover

Haunted Shawnee, Oklahoma

"Stay twenty minutes and see a man die!" the coachman claimed in the Wild West days of Oklahoma Territory. Learn the history and strange tales of Pottawatomie County including spectral monks, haunted shops, and a 1910 serial killer. Available at Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.


Haunted OKC cover

Haunted Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City was said to be "born grown." Dig through its history with the mysterious first death of a man hanged after the Land Run, an underground city in the Chinese quarter, a capital-nabbing governor, and of course Oklahoma's most haunted haunted. Available at Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.
Haunted Guthrie Cover

Haunted Guthrie, Oklahoma

Once the capital of the territory, now Guthrie serves as a place frozen in time with blocks of Victorian downtown. Many of its residents are said still to roam brick-paved streets. Read tales of a Harvey Girl searching for her lost love, specters lurking abandoned buildings, and a jail haunted by cults and outlaws. Available at Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.


Haunted Norman Cover

Haunted Norman, Oklahoma

Peer into the rich history of a college town founded by a land run as well as its legends of haunts at the built-over first cemetery, Griffin Memorial Hospital, and Lake Thunderbird, where bigfoot and a giant red octopus hang out. Available at Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.
Campus Ghosts of Norman

Campus Ghosts of Norman, Oklahoma

Check out the scaries stories from the OU Ghost Tour, plus more from Campus Corner and beyond. Long-dead professors still revisit campus, students whisper in their former dormitories, and something had to be exorcised in 1973 from the old Tri-Delta house. Available on Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.
Celestial Voyages Cover

Celestial Voyages

Explore the Solar System in 1901 aboard Star's Comet. Celestial Voyages blends the practical-if-fanciful engineering of Jules Verne and the social exploration of H.G. Wells as humans traverse the vast expanse of Space to alien worlds, where life thrives unlike anything they have before seen. First published in 2003, Celestial Voyages: The Moon is available in ebook from Amazon.  

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